The Future of News event June 11th 2024 with THINKHOUSE

The Future of News event June 11th 2024 with THINKHOUSE

All Sustainable Media Ireland members are invited to join THE YOUTH LAB for YOUTH CULTURE UNCOVERED 2024.

The year’s Youth Culture Uncovered – the seventh in its series – explores young people’s attitudes and behaviours towards news; news creation, news media and news consumption.

2024 is a year where half the world will vote – is a year where news has never been more important – not just for influencing outlooks but impacting behaviours that will have massive societal consequences.

A.I. and bot-generated content go head-to-head with accurate news reporting from credible journalistic platforms and a generation of creative content creators who curate and re-shape news for their communities’ consumption – who or what will win out in influencing today’s 18-24 year olds?

How will brands break through the noise to earn attention?

Join The Youth Lab at THINKHOUSE for an insightful event that explores emerging behaviours and expectations of the next generation of news consumers. Learn what this means for content creators, brands, businesses and news producers.



· Youth Culture Uncovered 2024: The Youth Lab presents key insights from the perspective of young Irish news consumers.

· Keynote Presentation: “Next Gen News” Presentation from George Montagu, Head of Insights & Senior Manager, FT Strategies, The Financial Times.

· News & Brand Panels: Panel discussions to include leading journalists, academics and content creators to explore how ‘news’ needs to change to meet changing expectations of the next generation and how brands can earn attention in today’s chaotic news landscape. Panelists include Mark Little, (Journalist & Founder of Storyful); Mark Coughlan (Assistant Editor, Digital, RTÉ Current Affairs) and Professor Colleen Murrell, DCU (Irish Research lead for the Reuters Digital News Report); plus some of Ireland’s young content creators and TikTok stars.


REGISTRATION: To register for this event, please email Andy [at]

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