Sector Sustainability Roadmap

A Sustainability Roadmap for the Irish Broadcasting Sector frames the work of Sustainable Media Ireland. It is designed to guide individual broadcasters on their sustainability journey and enable the sector to work collectively towards shared goals.

The media sector has a unique role to play in contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Roadmap identifies 10 SDGs in particular that the sector can have a positive impact on. Framed by these SDGs, the Roadmap sets out a vision for a sustainable broadcasting sector and offers a concrete plan for how to get there.

The content of the Roadmap is structured around three ‘pillars’ representing the three dimensions of sustainability. Within each pillar are a series of suggested actions that broadcasters can take across different areas to improve the sustainability performance of their organisation and to influence audiences through their content and programming.


  • Green Operations
  • Green Production
  • Green Content


  • Inclusive Workplace
  • Inclusive Programming
  • Inclusive Access


  • Resilient Workplace
  • Resilient Sector
  • Resilient Communities

Sustainability Roadmap for the Irish Broadcasting Sector

Network Charter

The Charter is Sustainable Media Ireland’s North Star. It commits all Members to using their best efforts to work towards shared principles.

We will work to improve the sustainability performance of our own organisation by implementing practices that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

We will use our content and programming to raise awareness and encourage action among audiences on social and environmental issues, as defined by the UN SDGs.

We will collaborate with fellow Members and share insights and experiences to accelerate the sector’s collective progress on the sustainability agenda.

Sustainable Media Ireland - Network Charter

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